Tuning Agricultural Equipment – bit by bit 

Remote tuning is available worldwide

All our tunes are custom programmed and unique to each piece of equipment. 

Remote tuning is available worldwide for most equipment!

On-site tuning takes us about an hour per piece of equipment. We do our very best to maintain a 48-hour turnaround time from when the ECU is received. 

Payments accepted are Paypal, E-Transfer, or by Cheque.

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Please email [email protected] there is a good chance we can still tune your machine.

Remote tuning is available worldwide for most equipment!

How does it work?

We mail a high-performance tuner right to your front door!

We then walk you through how to plug the tuner into the diagnostic port of your machine in order to read the ECU. Once the tuner has completed its reading, you can then simply upload the ECU file to your PC and email it to us for diagnosis.

If needed, we can remote into your computer to assist with installing the software and pulling the ECU file.

How long does it take?

On average, it takes between 15 to 45 minutes to re-program the software with the modification requested.

Once the modification has been made to the software, we will email you a file back and walk you through the steps to write the software back to your machine. Once finished you can start up the machine and take it for a test run!

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